Having cleaned windows for a friend’s business during summers in college, it was a natural business for our founder Dirk to begin after he left active duty military. He networked with his friends who had become home builders and focused on new-construction cleaning for the first 6 years of the business. Then an opportunity came up for him to get into high-rise window cleaning and all of those years of post-construction cleaning helped him to jump headfirst into cleaning brand-new construction high-rise multifamily buildings for a handful of General Contractors all across the region.

At this point he needed help running the day to day operations of the business, so he brought on Raouf, who Dirk first met in Afghanistan back in 2011 before this business was even an idea. When Dirk was a Marine on deployment, he was in charge of a Civil Affairs team that worked very closely with the local populace. Raouf had volunteered to serve alongside Marines and risk his life to help them fulfill their missions to improve his country. Over 7 months Raouf proved time and again how dependable and loyal he was, constantly helping Dirk and his team succeed and stay alive. For this bravery he was ultimately granted a Special Immigrant Visa to come to America many years later in 2016. He could have chosen anywhere in America to live but because of the friendship they formed many years before, he chose to come to Seattle to be close to Dirk. He lived with Dirk for the first few months and used his work truck to get around during that time while he got on his feet. He’s since had his wife move to America from Afghanistan and had his first daughter in 2017. It would take a couple years, but Raouf is now back driving that same work truck every day as he manages our projects around town.

Raouf has since hired 3 other local Afghans who also served our military and were similarly granted Special Immigrant Visas as a result. They have quickly taken to the window cleaning profession, and we’re very proud of our diverse workforce. None of them had ever seen a sky scraper until they got to Seattle, but they have all adjusted to the realities of our profession in short order! We also employ a handful of other window cleaners and occasionally subcontract workers from Seattle’s other window cleaning businesses when we’re stretched thin. Since beginning in high-rise as new-construction specialists, we’ve branched out and began securing recurring window cleaning on existing mid and high-rise apartment and condo buildings in addition to new construction projects. And we’ve managed to maintain a low-rise division as well, for when the home builders call!


                         Dirk, Founder/Project Manager                   Raouf, Co-owner/General Manager