We work all over the Seattle and Bellevue areas and offer a full compliment of environmentally friendly home maintenance services.  We have invested in the most cutting edge technology for window washing, and ensure that no harmful chemicals are used on your property.  Our  de-ionization tanks produce pure water capable of cleaning windows and siding without soap.  With our water fed poles, we can clean 4+ stories up without leaving the ground.  We also offer traditional window cleaning with a squeegee for lower windows and indoor jobs.  Either technique we use, rest assured we are not harming the environment.  Our soap used with squeegees and buckets is environmentally friendly, and the pure water we use is just that… pure water!  After filtering out the dissolved solids – the same process that produces distilled water – the final and only product that touches your windows is water.  No harmful chemicals going into the drain or touching your house either way.